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Series five and six introduced us to even more new characters, but by the time Skins had turned into Goodfellas, it was time to just switch off your television and go and do something less boring instead. Jump the shark Skins. How Skins went from teen noir to soapy despair. The original cast of Skins. Photograph: Channel 4. The thing about leaders is that they NEED followers. Sid was the ultimate follower for Tony and he was losing him. This when we realize that even though power is dramatically on Tony's side Tony is the one who needs Sid more than Sid needs Tony.

The best conversation to really understand the mind of Tony Stonem is the one he has with Sid outside Effy's hospital room. He tells Sid that he loved the attention and the thrill of doing the unexpected. He was chasing those feelings, because it was expected of him.

21 "Skins" Storylines That Will Always Make You Cry No Matter What

That somehow over time he has become a caricature of his real self. That he wants to stop, but he doesn't know how. After this conversation he puts all his Tony brains and energy into getting Michelle back. Only right when he was about to open himself up and give a little bit of his control away he is hit by a bus. Second series is all about Tony dealing with the consequences of this accident.

The brain injury changed his personality and the way the group looks at him.

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The man who was the picture of control was now the one who relying on others. The entire series focuses on Tony trying to capture his passion, his fight, and his control that he once had.

He handles his situation in a brave and confident manner. Eventually he does start to put his life back together towards the end. He even admits to Sid in words and in action that he was important to him. Sends him off to find his girl in New York City and works things out with Michelle as well.

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Tony's journey can be summed up as the guy with too much control he loses himself and everyone he loves. Then as he starts to get his act together tragedy hits and he is left starting from scratch. The Watty Awards. Perhaps it was the crawl under his skin. He felt the need to be powerful - to look into someone's eyes as the light leaves them, to feel the fear they have when knowing their last moments all depend on him. The need built in his veins and thudding around in his brain until he can't deny or control it anymore.

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The story of a panic attack and a chance encounter, or how Tony and Maxxie got closer after Tony's accident. I love how he towers over me. I feel so pathetically small with him.

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Matches how I typically feel emotionally. But I guess that makes a slut then, huh? I smirk at the thought as he slams his mouth against mine once more. The room is starting to spin.

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Never know, though. Is there more booze in the cabinet? There will be no lovemaking in this apartment tonight.